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If you talk to any local from Amargosa Valley, they will refer to Big Dune as it has been named, to simply "The Dunes". That's what we've always called them as long as I've lived here. They are just one of our local attractions.

On the weekends you will find them quite active with ATV's and RV's that have come from Las Vegas and surrounding areas to enjoy these piles of what looks like beach sand. They are a great place to camp and enjoy the great outdoors and our star filled skies at night. If you like star gazing they offer a great place to view the stars without nearby lights.

Our summers can be very hot here. There are a few things you should have on your check list of things to bring with you.

  1. Water. Bring plenty, but know that you can get water locally too at the rest area at hwy 373 and 95 if nothing else.
  2. Sunscreen. In the summer, the days are long and there isn't much shade.
  3. Cell phone. We do have cell phone coverage here and you can always call 911 if you need the emergency services.
  4. Food. We don't have a local grocery store, and there are only a few places to get fast food without having to drive 50 miles one way.
  5. Common sense. There are bugs and critters out here that bite and/or sting. If it's dry out here, and it is most of the time, watch your fires. Emergency Services are comprised of few county workers and the rest are volunteer. Response times will vary depending on the situation and whether they are already working on something, so keep this in mind. Las Vegas (Mountain View Hospital) is approx. 100 miles away, and the hospital in Pahrump is at least 50 miles away.
  6. Remember the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Enjoy the desert and what it has to offer, it belongs to all of us. With the exception of your tracks going in and out, leave it the way you found it. The locals volunteer to go out and clean the place up. Make their job easier and clean up after yourself.

Now, the new pictures that were taken today will follow!


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