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This site is about showing you what Amargosa Valley has to offer. We will include some small commentary with the pictures, but the focus will be what the picture says to you.

Information about Amargosa Valley Nevada:

Amargosa Valley is in a desert within a desert. It's the Amargosa Desert that is within the more vast Mojave Desert. Needless to say rainfall can be very little. Yes, it gets hot here in the summer as Death Valley National Park is just West of the Funeral Mountains. The highest temperature on record for the US is Badwater CA, located in Death Valley, with a temperature of 136 degrees. Fortunately we don't see temperatures that high. Our average temperature in the summer is 110-115 degrees F. We have mild winters here with lows down into the 20's and 30's at night and up into the 50's during the day.

We are located approx. 100 miles NW. of Las Vegas Nevada and approx. 50 miles North of Pahrump and 29 miles south of Beatty. Amargosa Valley covers over 600 square miles, click here for a map at mapquest.

Things to remember:

Water is our most precious resource here. With the summers getting as hot as they do, you want to make sure you have plenty of water whenever you are out in this heat. WARNING! Dehydration and heat stroke can occur quicker than you think! Bring water, because alcohol and soda pop aren't enough.

We do have cell phone coverage here, and with the above paragraph in mind, a cell phone is something you might want to consider as well. You can call 911 on a cell phone.

You cannot leave a child nor an animal in an unattended vehicle for any length of time...period! A parked vehicle with the windows rolled up becomes an oven. Here is a study that was done on this subject. Nevada is one of the States listed that it is illegal.

Sunscreen! Don't forget the sun screen. You have very few places to get out of the sun, as we have very few trees compared to other parts of the world. If you burn easily, then you'll definitely want to bring sun screen.


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